Tuesday, September 14, 2010

life is ALWAYS an adventure!!

WOW!! I just realized that it's been WAY too long since I posted a blog post!! YIKES!!

So to save both myself and all of you the craziness of reading through my life in the last 6 months I'll make a list of highlights that have happened in order as I can remember them... if you have questions just ask!!

1. Relay for Life was a HUGE success!! $150,000.00 raised!
2. Got my waterfront lifeguard certification!
3. Started teaching swimming lessons and lifeguarding at the local YMCA
4. Despite major layoffs, Neil is still at Harry and David
5. Summer vacation started
6. Started working for Parks and Rec dept running a local little league
7. Kids played in said little league all summer
8. Went to girls camp with my church... FUN FUN FUN!
9. Went to Family Camp with my family... FUN FUN FUN!!
10. Celebrated Neil losing 55 lbs!
11. Got ANOTHER JOB as a DJ for KOOL 103.5 in Medford! (LOVE IT!!)
12. Abby took a header and had a concussion and a stitch
13. Chloe and Mason started back to school
14. Did my first LIVE radio show!
15. Got a new puppy. SO CUTE!!
16. Abby started KINDERGARTEN!! All 3 kids in school!

Thats it in a nutshell... I'm still loving life and staying CRAZY busy! Relay For Life 2011 is just getting underway and of course heaven only know what other projects I'll dip my hands into!

Hope everyone is having a great year! Here comes the FALL!! My favorite time of year!!