Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Preparing for surgery...

Normally surgery doesn't intimidate me. But this one is so finite! I mean... even with my tubes tied I have the opportunity to carry children through other methods but when there is no oven for even a "pre-baked" bun... it's just so final!

But I know that this surgery will help me with my current medical issues. I trust my doctor and his recommendation for the procedure. He's not one to jump all over surgery. It'll be GOOD!

So... needless to say despite my reservations this will be a blessing to both me and my family... me for health reasons... my family for their sanity! :)

Please keep me in your prayers on Monday!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oregon weather?!?

So seriously... what the heck?! It wasw beautiful and sunny a few days ago and then yesterday snow?! I woke up at 4am on Saturday to get some baking done... I watched a beautiful sunrise in a cloudless sky. When I went to my event at 8am I was getting warm and needed to take my coat off... then by 10am it was FREEZING and WINDY WINDY WINDY!! By 11am it was snowing... again... what the heck!! Gotta love good ol' Oregon weather!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

pear blossom...

Today was the Annual pear blossom day in Medford! Chloe, Mason our little friend Max and I started at 7:30am this morning with the 1 mile Mayors Cup run/walk. The kids loved it! Next year Chloe and I may try the 2 mile run... we'll see!

After the race we went to the street fair and saw lots of fun booths and had yummy treats... elephant ears (fried bread) at 9am... yeah that was fun! ;)

Then Neil and Abby met us around 10am for the parade. We were only able to watch about half of it because it was so stinking hot out there... but the kids had a great time!! Even little Max. (Who we were babysitting for the day)

Neil took the girls home and I took Mason and Max to the Fred Meyer relay for life fundraising BBQ. We had fun eating hot dogs and meeting Fred Bear.

Over all a fun day!

Here's a pic from my blackberry of the kids and I starting the Mayor's Cup race!

The new 'DO'

Here are the much anticipated pictures of my new haircut!! My ROCKSTAR friend Carrie made me look and feel sassy! Plus the 11 inch ponytail was donated to locks of love!
YAY new haircuts!! :)

the before picture

I was screaming when she cut it!

Me and the ponytail

The back of my sassy new cut!

My rockstar friend Carrie and me after she made me look FABULOUS!

My first reaction seeing my new haircut... I LOVE IT!!

The finished product and the ponytail that's heading to locks of love... Thank you Carrie!! :) (And Kathlene for holding my hand and being the photographer!)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

witnessing an accident...

I witnessed a horrible one today with injuries... the poor women was pretty banged up. I stayed with her until the ambulance arrived helping her stay calm and control her breathing.

My heart is still beating hard and it was 2 hours ago!!

NOT FUN!! Please keep that women in your prayers. She was banged up really bad. :(