Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not even Dr. Pepper can cure this...

Well my blogging friends it has been QUITE THE WEEK!!
* I started putting up Christmas decorations! It's the first Christmas in the first home that we own! So it's been TONS of fun finding new nooks for decos I already have, adding a few small things to my decoration collection and turning our new home into a yuletide wonderland!!
* I dressed my little angels up and took them out for a Christmas photo shoot. Which ironically ended up at the mall around "Santa's Village" so I get capture some holiday cheer in the background. (I then proceeded to use some family pics from 4th of July for our Christmas card... go figure!) :)

* I had a bunch of friends over to decorate holiday wreaths with all supplies generously gifted from Underwriters Labratories... GREAT COMPANY!! It was a total blast to gab, listen to Christmas music, drink hot cider and cocoa and let the kids run a-muck while the mommies got to be crafty!

* All 3 of my children participated in the children's Primary Program at church this week which is my favorite Sunday out of the whole year! It was so good!! The kids spoke and shared messages with passion and spirits... and their sweet little voices singing songs of love for our Savior, familes and friends... it was PERFECT!! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My "broken" baby....

My poor little Abby broke her wrist!! Last weekend her and her sister were playing and she "fell"... actually her sister pushed her!
She was upset when she fell but could move it, no swelling, just a big bruise at the base of her thumb. Well today I picked her up from school and she was complaining about her hand hurting. When I asked where it hurts she pointed to the cruised area... which was now a little swollen.

I took her to a friends house and her imput and decided to take her in... just to make sure...


I feel like a TERRIBLE mom today. But she's doing much better! She now has a pretty pink cast and isn't really in pain anymore. The nurse was SO SWEET... she even gave her stuffed animal a matching "cast" so they could heal together. I LOVE good medical professionals!

So here's my brave little girl getting her cast on. She was so brave (and I was feeling SO bad) that we went and got special hot chocolate afterwards.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun!

This past week has been FILLED with Halloween CRAZINESS! It all started last weekend with a party at a friends house. Then this week we had the moms group party here at our house, school day festivities, school carnival, pumpkin patch trip for Abby's preschool and it was all finished off with a night of TRUNK or treating at church!

Mason our little Mario

I dressed up as "swine flew"

Abby our little moo cow

Chloe as a fairy with her BFF

Our happy kids at the pumpkin patch at Harry and David Country Store!