Tuesday, February 1, 2011

latest haul...

I wouldn't call myself an addict yet... but holy moly I'm LOVING this couponing thing!

Today I tried my hand at Walgreens. I've learned that the best way to utilize coupons is to "stack" them together. Stacked means that you use 2 coupons for an item... one store coupon and one manufacturs coupon. So when my I got the weekly ads in the Sunday paper I was able to look at the ads and store coupons and then see which items also had a manufacturers coupon as well.

Today I was able to buy quite a few items with LARGE coupons and can now throw a couple of these into my long term emergency storage! (LOVE THAT!)

Here is what I got:
4 bottles Herbal Essence hair products, 2 bottles Palmolive dish soap, 2 boxes nyquil, 2 boxes dayquil, 2 LARGE bottles of fish oil suppliments, 2 bottles of acidophilus suppliments, 1 Gillette fusion razor with shave gel, body wash and cooling after shave.

Total value before coupons and in store sales: $97.87
What I paid AFTER coupons and in store sales: $26.41

THAT kind of savings is worth an hour or so of my time looking for the deals! WOO HOO!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my new couponing adeventure...

HOLY MOLY it's been WAY too long since I've blogged! Life as usual has taken over... but I've made a goal this year to keep up on my blog... so here goes!

I've started to learn more about "couponing" in the last few weeks. I've read a few blogs... spoken to a few friends... searched a few sites... and found that while I may not be the person who scours ads for coupons to get everything for 20 cents or free... I do have a goal to get as many of my staple items for $1 or less.

I lucked out because the Fred Meyer circular this week has some AWESOME coupons! So I went yesterday... and again today to buy the same items. Why go back again you ask? So I can stock up on everyday items that I buy regularly for SUPER CHEAP! And these items are not generic off brand random things... these are items like Barilla whole wheat pasta and tillamook shredded cheese. Today I walked out of the store with 29 items in hand and spending $30.05!!

Here is a list of what I bought:
10- 1/2 lb bags of shredded tillamook cheese
2- 5 lbs bags of sugar
2- bottles of suave clarifying shampoo
6- boxes of Barilla whole wheat pasta
    * 2 spagetti, 2 mini fusilli and 2 penne
2- cans of Grands Bicuits
3- boxes of Nestle hot chocolate mix (10 packets each)
4- boxes of kleenex

To me that is an awesome addition to my stock pile and even a little extra for my food storage!!! I love when I feel accomplished!