Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 goals down! 34 to go...

The last week has been very busy and productive for me! As many of you know I set some goals for myself to accomplish over the next year. If you haven't read about them... then check it out here!

In the past week I have accomplished goals number 2 and 14! First I turned the big 3-0! I had a great few weeks before my birthday and went into my 30th year of life with a BANG!! I had a fun filled day of pampering... got a new tatoo... and my sweet husband threw me an awesome 30th birthday bash at one of my favorite restaurants 4 Daughter's.
Pictures of goal #14:

Goal #2 was to organize my garage so I can park in it... check it out!! DONE!! I have a few boxes of things that will be gone once spring comes and we hold a garage sale... I love accomplishing things!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Feel free to celebrate!!

Goodbye 20's.... Hello dirty 30's!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Murder on the DISoriented Express!!

Neil and I had a BLAST last night attending a murder mystery party at our friends house!!

We played the rolls of "Phil Ming" a chinese photographer with an obsession with Europe... and "Jemma Stone" and Austrian diamond trader who lived her life covered in jewels!

We rode aboard the "Disorientated Express" along with 5 other couples and solved the murder of Werner Von Black who was found hung in his luggage car.

It was a great time and we had fun dressing up! Here are a few pictures from the evening...

Ivan Igo and Kiki De'Leggs... SO FUNNY!!

Our wonderful hosts!! Lida Hosen and Sigmund Froid

Jemma and Kiki... little did I know I was hugging a MURDERER!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I HATE "hunting"!

One of the goals I set this year is to help contribute to my family financially from home. I've been looking into different home work options... sales, sewing, baking, etc. I requested information from online universities and found some great programs that I think would be great. My 2 favorites are dressmaking/ fashion design and catering.

But in this search the reality hit me that we need my contribution NOW!! So I hit up craigslist, talked to people I know who are owners or managers of companies, spoke with friends, emailed, mailed and dropped off resumes, made follow up calls and every other aspect that is the joy of job "hunting". I'm happy to report that I was actually offered a job working for a local womens Gym. If would be a set schedule that works with our family dynamics, not alot of money but commission potentials and a free gym membership. BUT I'm just not sure... I won't go into details but there's just something....

Then came TODAY!! I went on the local radio station to talk about Relay For Life and spoke with the station manager.... he told me they were hiring and encouraged me to put in an application and resume. So I did!!! And I now have an interview for the position of... RADIO PERSONALITY!!!! It's pretty much a dream job for me! They are looking for a co-host for the morning show on the oldies station... HOW STINKING KOOL!!! (KOOL is the name of the station.)

So who knows... my next post could be about a new job... or no job... or more job options... or just an update on the hunt... 'til then!!