Wednesday, January 12, 2011

my new couponing adeventure...

HOLY MOLY it's been WAY too long since I've blogged! Life as usual has taken over... but I've made a goal this year to keep up on my blog... so here goes!

I've started to learn more about "couponing" in the last few weeks. I've read a few blogs... spoken to a few friends... searched a few sites... and found that while I may not be the person who scours ads for coupons to get everything for 20 cents or free... I do have a goal to get as many of my staple items for $1 or less.

I lucked out because the Fred Meyer circular this week has some AWESOME coupons! So I went yesterday... and again today to buy the same items. Why go back again you ask? So I can stock up on everyday items that I buy regularly for SUPER CHEAP! And these items are not generic off brand random things... these are items like Barilla whole wheat pasta and tillamook shredded cheese. Today I walked out of the store with 29 items in hand and spending $30.05!!

Here is a list of what I bought:
10- 1/2 lb bags of shredded tillamook cheese
2- 5 lbs bags of sugar
2- bottles of suave clarifying shampoo
6- boxes of Barilla whole wheat pasta
    * 2 spagetti, 2 mini fusilli and 2 penne
2- cans of Grands Bicuits
3- boxes of Nestle hot chocolate mix (10 packets each)
4- boxes of kleenex

To me that is an awesome addition to my stock pile and even a little extra for my food storage!!! I love when I feel accomplished!