Tuesday, February 1, 2011

latest haul...

I wouldn't call myself an addict yet... but holy moly I'm LOVING this couponing thing!

Today I tried my hand at Walgreens. I've learned that the best way to utilize coupons is to "stack" them together. Stacked means that you use 2 coupons for an item... one store coupon and one manufacturs coupon. So when my I got the weekly ads in the Sunday paper I was able to look at the ads and store coupons and then see which items also had a manufacturers coupon as well.

Today I was able to buy quite a few items with LARGE coupons and can now throw a couple of these into my long term emergency storage! (LOVE THAT!)

Here is what I got:
4 bottles Herbal Essence hair products, 2 bottles Palmolive dish soap, 2 boxes nyquil, 2 boxes dayquil, 2 LARGE bottles of fish oil suppliments, 2 bottles of acidophilus suppliments, 1 Gillette fusion razor with shave gel, body wash and cooling after shave.

Total value before coupons and in store sales: $97.87
What I paid AFTER coupons and in store sales: $26.41

THAT kind of savings is worth an hour or so of my time looking for the deals! WOO HOO!!