Saturday, September 27, 2008

6 Quirks!

So my friend Anja tagged me and I'm supposed to post 6 quirks... letter J huh? Silly girl! Anyhoo... here you go!

1- I don't like water. Yep... HATE IT! Unless it's filtered and beyond cold and I'm DYING of thirst I won't drink it.

2- I could sleep ALL DAY if I was able to. My husband hates it but knows a well rested wife is MUCH better to have a around. ;)

3- I'm a compulsive spender. If it's a good deal I have to buy... no questions asked!

4- I can't sit still. I have to be doing something! Maybe that's why I'm always SO busy and envolved with too many things.

5- I have many talents but rarely use them. SO SAD! The bad part is that I have alot of crap for each "talent" that just takes up space. :(

6- I love movie soundtracks!! Two of my favorite things... movies and music!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family day at the park

Saturday we spent a WONDERFUL afternoon at Holmes park... just our family. It was SO nice to just hang out! We brought a picnic lunch and the football. Neil and the kids were playing catch and chasing games. I even ran a bit (no photos... you DON'T want to see that jiggle live action!)

Here are some cute pics from the day.... Neil, Chloe and Mason playing... Chloe the "toothless wonder" (she just lost another tooth!) and Abby with her cheesy fingers. I love family days and I'm looking forward to the next one! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Fear!!

To be in line with my living in No Fear I have a confession... I overcame something the other day and I'm very proud of myself! Tomorrow is the children's program at our church and my kids are really excited about it. My husband stopped going to church with us a little over a year ago and I HATE (fear) asking him to join us. There are many reasons behind this favor of him but ulitmately... it ends up in an arguement.
So last week I hunched up the britches and sent out to ask him to join us at church tomorrow to watch the kids. I didn't use guilt, threats or tears and he said yes!! Which of course made all of us very happy!
So thank you YONF... had I not been thinking of my own year of no fear, I wouldn't have had the courage to just ask for something simple and important.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abby's date with the hard wood floor

Last night Abby slipped on a blanket in her bedroom and smacked her mouth on the hard wood floor! The poor thing was SCREAMING and there was blood everywhere... SO GROSS!!
After I pulled her lip off her tooth and cleaned up some of the blood I took her to the ER to get it checked out. They were debating wether to stitch it or not and we ended up deciding NOT to stitch it. But he has one heck of a fat lip and a yucky hole in the lower part of her mouth.
But motrin and oral lidocaine are helping for now... my poor little Abby! :(

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding trip!

This past weekend I was able to go to Ca with my mom to my cousin Dana's wedding. It was a blast just hanging with my family... especially my mom, sister and Aunt Amy.
Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Me at Capitola beach... oh I miss the beach!!

My little sis and I at the rehersal dinner

Little sister Alyssa with my grandparents... H'ie and Miltie

The Bride and Groom... sorry about the black edges... camera lense didn't open all the way!

Me and Alyssa at the wedding in front of the BEAUTIFUL sunset!

First day of school...

How cute are my big babes?! I can't believe they are in 1st and 2nd grade already... it feels like yesterday I was still nursing them! {tear}

Friday, September 12, 2008

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... YET!

GEESH! It's been a week and half... let me tell you!!

First and foremost... WE'RE STAYING IN MEDFORD!!! Neil's current employer decided to fight for him and without disclosing details... we're good. YAY!!! (You may all brethe a sigh of relief now!)

Second... there will be many more detailed posts to come but over the last week we have survived: head lice... yes NASTY head lice, mom (me) being out of town for 5 days, the first week of school with PTO insanity and everything... and reassuring close friends that yes we are staying here and no I'm not just getting hopes up... mine included!!

There is the brief update for the Hedgepeth brood. More details and picks to come soon.

Here are things I'm looking forward to: the beautiful fall colors, the weather getting cooler... what's up with 100 degrees in Sept?!, DH being happy with his job, surviving the first PTO fundraiser, and most of all happy happy kids. :)