Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pear Blossom 5k!

I promise I haven't fallen off the earth... just got WAY busy and had to cut down on computer time... so my blog has suffered. But I am back!!

This past month has been a crazy one with many ups and downs... but today I want to post about my great success... at least I think it's a great success!!
Yesterday I participated in the local Pear Blossom Festival 5k run. I've NEVER done a 5k in my life and I've been WAY out of shape... but I set this goal last year and needed to accomplish it!

I am happy to report that I DID IT!! My goal was to complete the 5k and do it under the "time limit"I walked the majority of it and jogged the last mile or so. My husband got some great shots of me at the tail end of the race... it was 30 degrees outside so I did most of the event wearing a wool hat with gloves on.

Today... I hurt... but it hurts good!! Happy April everyone! :)
Result by the numbers:
I was 991st out of 1118 participants
My time was: 50:45
I was 651st out of 754 women
I was 104 out of 111 in my age group


Cynthia said...

Awesome! Congratulations to you. That's a great goal to check off the list. Keep going- I hear a 10k calling your name.

families are forever said...

Great Job!!! next year's numbers will be even better!! way to go Jenn!

Michelle said...

Yay! You are an inspiration to me!