Wednesday, January 20, 2010

36 goals in 365 days...

I was reading a friends blog... and of course was lead to one of her friends blog and in following this trail I've been inspired!

These women gave themselves 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. Whether or not they achieved all 101 goals on their list they did accomplish many awesome things that they were working towards in their families, businesses, personal and spiritual enrichment and many other areas. And in achieving these goals their lives were enriched!

Alot has been happening in my personal life over the past month and a half and I think that setting goals to achieve over time is an inspiring feat! So inspiring in fact that I and going to jump on the wagon!

While I admire the number and time frame these women have set I'm going to shoot for a shorter period of time and goals within it. So I officially announce my 36 goals that I would like to accomplish in the next 365 days... here we go!!

1) Find a way to contribute financially to my family from home.
2) Organize my garage so I can park in it.
3) Write a handwritten letter once a month for 4 months to my little sister.
4) Take an hour EVERY WEEK for myself for pampering (bath, massage, facial, pedi)
5) Have a girls night out with friends once a month for 6 months
6) Raise $2000.00 for the Relay for Life event in Medford
7) Continue to write weekly articles on food storage and emergency preparedness.
8) Document my food storage success better with photos and videos to share with my followers
9) Read one book every 2 months
10) Read a classic work of fiction that I've never read before
11) Take a SLR photography class
12) hold myself accountable to workout 3 days a week.
13) go a whole week without letting myself get stressed out
14) enjoy the last few weeks as a twenty-something and start my 30's off with a bang!!
15) Spend a weekend with my husband with no kids
16) take each kid on an individual date each month with mom
17) audition for the Rogue Valley Chorale
18) start writting my book and work towards getting it pulished
19) focus on my beauty not my flaws
20) Visit my sister while she's still in law school
21) book a vacation with our best friends for 2011
22) prepare my son Mason to be baptized in June.
23) not use credit cards unless it's for an emergency
24) find something in my husband every day that I appreciate and love about him for a month... writting the findings down and presenting them to him
25) finish painting the interior of the house
26) hang artwork, photos and mirrors in the master bedroom and office
27) Win a blue ribbon at the county fair
28) Win an a award for volunteerism
29) get my CPR certification
30) get my lifeguard certification
31) go through ALL my clothes and shoes and re-vamp my wardrobe
32) plant a vegetable garden that could sustain us through the summer
33) make a book/binder of family favorite recipes
34) hold once a month family all day outings. (snow, coast, farms, etc)
35) go apple picking
36) go to girls camp (well have to be invited first) :)


amy said...

One of the best things I did was make a binder of my favorite recipes. I love to buy cookbooks from DI, try the recipes, adn the ones I like, I literally RIP them right out of the cookbook and throw the book away. Its so nice to have one binder with all of them. Its still an ongoing process. Good luck!

Cynthia said...

Lots of great goals there! I'd recommend you read the fiction book "The Next Thing On My List" as it will further inspire!

The Hopper Family said...

Awesome, Jenn!!! There are some really amazing goals. But not be stressed for a week? Is that possible? Not in my house!! The SLR photography class sounds great, I would love that. I want to know what it's like when you're done. Oh, and you'll need to share the wealth on these family recipes! I have started a recipe notebook and it's so scarce!! I need more great recipes! You're awesome, love the goals. Enjoy the rest of your 20's! I only have a few more weeks and I'll be in my late 20's!! Yikes! :)

families are forever said...

You go girl!!! Great goals for a great girl!!!

have fun, danette

PS I have been putting pictures of my children making our favorite recipes, or the finished product with the recipes.

PS you need to come see my digital programs. I love them!!! Great quality and user friendly!

Bobbie said...

Awesome goals! I might have to do some for myself.

Mandie said...

I like it- I'm gonna do one too!! =) Miss ya bunches!!